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We stand by our hosting, network, and customer service. That is why ONeilOnline is able to offer a Service Level Agreement that ensures a 99.9% uptime and efficiency guarantee for every class of hosting we offer.

We are here for you! We guarantee you will be happy with your hosting!

But you don't have to take our word for it, just read our testimonials!
  • Black Friday Deal
  • 2018-12-06
    I purchased one dedicated server from their black friday deal offer with the intention of only keeping it for a month. I expected the network and hardware to be crap justifying the low balled price. Now I'm here renewing the server! The network is excellent, and the hardware doesn't have many hours on it. The E3 with 32GB is a price I can't let go. They've got me hooked! LOL I look forward to purchasing more! Thank you.
    Jeff K
  • Great Resource
  • 2018-12-05
    I am the head of the IT dept here for a local town. We recently went with ONeilOnline to migrate our servers to their datacenter for security and calamity prevention. From our initial meeting to the final product, which we will go live come the new year, ONeilOnline staff has the knowledge and experience, they know what they are doing. All the data, performance and testing has been green lit, and as you can see, completed well before our deadline for the new year. All our staff here can only say good things. We look forward to working with them well into the future.
  • Watta Great Deal!
  • 2018-11-08
    Wattaservers has the deals! I recently purchased one of their discounted servers, I ran a network test, hard drive test, and the results were excellent! I was totally surprised by the quality of the network and hardware. Nothing like WSI/Nocix/Datashack junk that they sell. I will start moving all my servers to them.
  • Dedicated Awesome
  • 2018-10-08
    I now have 3 servers with them. Started hosting with them just over 5 years ago, found via a google search. Support is always spot on and quick. I have only good things to say. Would recommend.
  • We are confident with ONeilOnline behind us.
  • 2018-10-04
    We are a web design company located in Florida, with most of our clients in Florida and Georgia. OneilOnline completed our migration of 1323 cpanel accounts to two new servers, one in Miami and one in Orlando, in 24 hours. No issues, no crisis, no excuses, no downtime. This included custom configs for almost half of them. I am very impressed with their professionalism, knowledge and efficiency. I would recommend them to anyone looking for hosting.
  • Great Server
  • 2018-09-24
    We are a web development company located in LA. We have an E5 for our web hosting. We've been with them for over 5 years. No issues to report, no downtime, great support.
    Noah Carter
  • SaaS Hosting
  • 2018-09-05
    I have developed a SaaS program over the years and have scaled up with oneil online. Started with web hosting, then VPS, and now a mix environment with VPS and dedicated servers. My program is running out of 12 of their datacenters located around the world. They have helped me every step of the way. I don't think I would have been this successful without someone like them to help. They are a great asset. Thank you.
  • Seattle Dedicated Server
  • 2018-08-15
    I have had an E5 at their Seattle datacenter for over 3 years. Today the server wouldn't boot. Contacted support, they troubleshooted, and figured out it was the motherboard. They swapped the HDs into a new server, and I was good to go again. All completed in less than an hour!
  • Quality Hosting
  • 2018-07-21
    I an a reseller and offer web hosting and VPS sales. I have servers in the US, EU, and Asia. ONeilOnline is great support response time. The servers are always performing well, no issues to report, no downtime. This is my 5 year mark.
  • Great Experience
  • 2018-07-10
    I had a ton of questions prior to purchasing. They took the time to answer every one. Checkout process had no issues and the server was released within 2 hours to me. I ran network and hardware tests, it performed great, real fast ping and latency. I would recommend them to anyone looking for hosting.
    Mike W.
  • VPS Node
  • 2018-07-09
    We have a VPS Node that had two hard drives die on the RAID 10 array. They were swapped out in under 20 minutes. Support is quick!
  • Holiday Support
  • 2018-07-06
    Our game server was repeatedly crashing at 11pmish on the night of the Fourth of July. I dind't think anyone would respond via their live chat at this hour. Surprised! The tech was able to login to our server and troubleshoot and figure out it was a bad config file for our game server. I couldn't find it, a needle in the haystack. His knowledge of our game server and how things worked was impressive. Just wanted to share that when in a pinch, they were there!
    Greateful Customer
  • Awesome People
  • 2018-06-18
    I just wanted to say the support at Watta Server is awesome! They are always there and ready to help. Very friendly. Thanks for the help with everything!
    Alex K
  • Quality Servers & Quality Network
  • 2018-06-12
    We are a major gaming community serving over 5000 online gamers in any given night. We have servers all over the US and EU. ONeilOnline Watta Servers are consistent quality and service throughout all their locations. Their staff is very knowledgeable and always available to help. I feel our company is safe and taken care of and worry free. I would recommend everyone looking for servers to give them a shot.
  • VPS Network Speed
  • 2018-06-01
    Three VPS I ordered out of the Seattle data center I clustered into a backup node. The upload and download speeds are ridiculously fast. I am impressed with the performance and price I paid for them.
  • Always there support.
  • 2018-05-25
    Always there support is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of ONeilOnline. I am often considered a night owl and am often up late at night into the early mornings. Every time I contact the support, even if it is in the middle of the night, I get a response within minutes. I'm not sure where they are based or if the support is only based at that location, but their support works. I appreciate their attentiveness to details and seam to always be looking out for my best interests. With every question I ask they always get the big picture, what I want, and what I may want. I hope that makes sense, without going into details. ONeilOnline support is the best!
    Evan Hands
  • Quality Servers
  • 2018-05-10
    I am now 3 servers deep into ONeil Online. All E5 hosted in the EU. I run a custom SaaS I originally developed and turned into a full time company over the years. My first server was with ONeil Online over 3 years ago, and have just purchased more servers as the business and customer base has grown. I have experienced no issues with the server or issues with the network performance. Overall it has been a great experience over the years.
    Kristoffer Klaus
  • Game Server Hosting
  • 2018-04-04
    I run an online gaming community subscription service. Server uptime, performance, ping, latency is upmost important to sustaining my business model. I now have 6 dedicated Watta Servers with ONeilOnline located across the US. The server specs are almost all identical. The performance of the servers is also almost identical and consistent from location to location. I am impressed and appreciate the quality they provide.
    Victor for Victory
  • Best support!
  • 2018-03-19
    I am starting a new online service business. I ordered a dedicated server so I can integrate and automate a lot of the service features. The support at Watta Server is very knowledgeable and well rehearsed in best practices. They did most of the custom config for me, but was willing show me how to do a lot too. I appreciate all the help I've received, especially from their tech Xavier, he stepped up above and beyond. I would recommend anyone interested to go with Watta Server for their quality product and excellent support.
  • London Dedicated Server
  • 2018-03-14
    I run an ecommerce site for my brick and mortar business here in town. Our online marketing has been so successful we have found the need to upgrade to a dedicated server. Our web hosting was previously with GoDaddy, which was atrocious. Now we host this linux server and everything runs really fast, and knowing our data is not on the same server will a 1000 others is comforting. All of our web portals and channels are fast and we can customize whatever we want without the restrictions of cpanel or wordpress. We have been completely satisfied with ONeil Online and our Watta Server. No downtime, no connectivity issues, it has always been fast. Been up and running for over a year.
    Thomas S